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i take myself on a trip a goes visit SavaGe at his studio, we talk, smoke and we laughed, his a great guys was very fun time true this interview. i ask him all most every things that i want, if you guys have any question to Ori SavaGe add them in comment his promise to answer them all.

What do you personally consider to be the changing moments in your artistic career ?

Hard to tell i think it was when I release my first track under an small Indian label company. Back then it not was so easy to release your music as today. Today every artist can open an account it 5 sec and upload all his music to all known stores around the world. This is make things much easier for today artist, but it have a huge impact on the music industry with out a good selection on the music enter the online store, you found yourself swimming in poll of tons of unsells releases that get publish without any professional selection.


What do you usually start with when preparing for a dj set ?

mindset for sure, I’m probably take a half day off have some good time, go to the beach have a beer and prepare my self for the show. I think every one need to take care his energy before going preform in front of an audience. You need to make sure your coming with 120% of good vibe and uplifting energy what you’re going to feel it’s the same feeling the crowed gets. So make sure it’s a good one.


Are you able to share any of your secret tricks with me ?

There is no secret things doing at the studio, I sure there is some magic happen but no secrets, I taking on my self to learn all the time and make my self a better musician, I think when I stop doing this I probably stop making music because music it’s all about exploring your self true the beat and sound. i’m just keep on open minded to learn new stuff and be curious about every things that connect some how to music and producing.


What is one mistake you see a lot of upcoming artist making? / What advice would you give to aspiring them ?

I can say that I see a lots of artists running around there tails to buy equipment and synths. I can say this is not a good things to have when you create music but! And it’s a big but, you don’t need all of that, we all known a very big artist that create a missive albums on a laptop computer. With out any outside equipment. So have fun enjoy buying stuff and use them but remember when you create you not really need any of this to make a great music album.


Where do you think the scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now ?

Hard to tell, nobody can say, if you’ll ask me 5 years ago if progressive psytrance still be playing at the biggest parties and festivals I probably say no, but as we can see the progressive psytrance or as call the mainstream genre is still kicking and breaking a dance floor around the world. i think as all music genres paytrance had his own evolution and its may take time, but I’m sure that new style is on the horizon.


What is something that bugs you about the scene ?

i can talk about the scene in Israel this is where I’m base, the psytrance scene have a very hard time right now in israel, there is a few events that have a unfortunate deaths situation, so the police and the government making a very hard time for big parties and festivals to make there events. events as Doof festival, and unity festival are no longer taking place in Israel for now, we may see a change in time but for now that’s is the situation and I’m not blaming the police all the sides are wrong and there is a dead people here, that lost there lives on events that’s accord under police rules and regulation and still people are gone that’s crazy. I’m not blaming anyone just saying that’s situation is crazy.


What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it ?

I may say a old cd of infected mushroom call bust a move I thinks, it was an amazing piece of art for real can listen to it for days and on.


What equipment do you have at your studio ?

I own a Apollo Twin due Sound card with, 2 monitors, Adam p11 & Dynaudio Bm 6 mk 3. working with Mac and Ableton 10. Have many plugins and a matrix brute by arturia. I have a guitars too and mic. But the main system is the comp, VST’s, sound card and synth.


What is your musical background ?

As a kid it was a time that I play drums, and little bit keyboard , today I’m playing keyboards and guitar. i all ways playing on something and when i discover the option to make music on a home computer i just start doing it.


What festivals or parties would you most like to play at ?

There are so many of them that I want to play in that I want to say all of them but, Boom festival I think I love the vibes and the energy of the people I hope I got the chance to do it in this life time.


SavaGe Logo

What are you listening to right now ?

Many of them I can say that I love what Dennis Lloyed doing right now I really like his style and If I need to take the electronic side of the story, I can say Terra and Samara are the 2 new kid in town that going to do a lots of noise but this is just my idea good for Nutek records to have them they are very talented artists love what they doing.


Your all time favorite artist ?

Infected mushroom, i think they are the artist that make me made music and get all this idea. they show me it is possible.


Music type you find yourself listening to most ?

Every thing really I don’t stay On one genre I found my self listen to the radio a lots and get many inspiration from there.


Have you met any famous musicians ?

In my scene yes of curse I was playing with skazi, bliss, azax syndrome, bubble, Loud, Astrix and many more…


Is there one main instrument do you use often ?

Synth I thinks is the most used instrument at my studio.


Ori, i want to thanks you for having me at your studio and spend some time together, it was a pleasure take a part of this interview.

what can i wish you? keep blasting the dance floors around the globe i hope to be part of your dance floor some day.

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